Cost Of Junk Removal In Florida

The cost of junk removal in Florida varies depending on the amount of junk you need to dispose of. Most people can expect to pay between $115-$345 for junk removal in Florida. Here’s a breakdown based on the metrics you provided, considering your trucks are 8 feet deep, 5 feet tall, and 12 feet long:

Load SizePriceApproximate Capacity (cubic feet)
Minimum$115Less than 50
1/8th Load$15950
1/4 Load$235100
1/2 Load$345200
Full Load$625480

To give these numbers some weight, here is an example of how much 200 cubic feet (½ Load) is:

  1. Living Room Furniture: This could include items like a medium-sized sofa, a coffee table, a couple of chairs, and a TV stand.
  2. Appliances: This might encompass a refrigerator, a washing machine, and a dryer stacked together.
  3. Large Bedroom Set: A typical large bedroom set including a queen-sized bed, a mattress, a dresser, and a couple of nightstands.
  4. Bulk Trash: Roughly the equivalent of 10-12 large garbage bags full of miscellaneous trash or debris.
  5. Packing Boxes: Approximately 30-40 medium-sized moving boxes, depending on how they are packed and stacked.

These costs cover not just the physical space that the junk occupies, but also include the labor, transportation, and disposal fees. This pricing structure allows our customers to estimate the cost based on the volume of junk they need removed, providing a flexible and scalable solution.

Does Cost Change Based On What The Junk Is?

The cost of junk removal is determined strictly by the volume of the items being hauled away, not by the specific type of items. This means that the price you pay is based on how much space your junk occupies in the truck, rather than the actual content of the junk. Here’s a clearer explanation:

Volume-Based Pricing: The pricing model is designed to charge based on the amount of space the junk takes up in the truck. Whether you’re disposing of furniture, appliances, garden waste, or construction debris, the cost is calculated solely on whether it fills a minimum load, 1/8th load, 1/4 load, 1/2 load, or a full load.

Why Not Item-Specific Pricing?: This approach simplifies the pricing structure for both the service provider and the customer. It ensures fairness as customers only pay for the space they use. It also avoids complications that could arise from evaluating the worth or disposal costs of different materials.

Benefits: This method makes it easy to estimate costs beforehand without needing detailed inspections or inventories of the items to be removed. It ensures that the pricing is transparent and straightforward, based solely on how much truck space is needed.

Overall, this volume-based pricing model in junk removal services offers a straightforward way to determine costs, making it clear and predictable for customers planning to dispose of unwanted items.

How Much Is Hot Tub Removal In Florida?

In Florida, the starting cost for hot tub removal is $450 for a standard 4-seater model. The pricing increases depending on factors such as the size of the hot tub and the complexity involved in its removal. Here’s how it generally breaks down:

Base Price for Standard Size: The initial fee of $450 covers the removal of a typical 4-seater hot tub, which includes the labor, transportation, and disposal or recycling of the hot tub.

Larger Sizes and Complexity: For larger hot tubs, such as 6-seaters or luxury models with additional features, the cost will be higher. This is because they take up more space, may require more manpower or equipment to remove safely, and could have higher disposal fees.

Accessibility and Location: The ease of access to the hot tub and its location can also influence the cost. Hot tubs that are difficult to access, such as those installed in tight spaces or on higher floors, may incur additional charges.

How Much Is Shed Removal In Florida?

Shed removal costs can vary significantly because they depend primarily on the size of the shed and the complexity of the job. Unlike some services with fixed pricing, shed removal requires a more tailored approach. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Size of the Shed: The larger the shed, the more materials that need to be disposed of, and potentially, the more labor-intensive the job. A small garden shed might be relatively quick and easy to dismantle and remove, whereas a large workshop shed would take more time and effort, 

thus increasing the cost.

Material and Construction: The type of materials used in the shed’s construction can also affect the cost. For example, sheds made of heavier or more durable materials like metal or concrete are typically more challenging to dismantle and may require specialized equipment or additional manpower.

Accessibility: The ease of access to the shed plays a crucial role in determining removal costs. If a shed is easily accessible, the removal process can be quicker and less costly. Conversely, a shed located in a hard-to-reach area or surrounded by obstacles might increase the cost due to the extra labor and equipment needed.

How Much Is Deck Removal

Like shed removal, the cost of deck removal is not fixed and varies based on several factors. This makes it necessary to evaluate each project individually to determine the cost. Here are the primary elements that influence the price of deck removal:

Size of the Deck: The larger the deck, the more material there is to remove, which directly impacts the cost. A larger deck requires more labor and potentially more time to dismantle, leading to higher removal expenses.

Material and Construction: The materials used in the deck’s construction also affect the removal cost. Decks built from composite materials or hardwoods may be more challenging and time-consuming to dismantle than those made from softer woods or more straightforward constructions.

Condition and Attachments: The condition of the deck can influence the removal process. A deck that is old or in poor condition might break apart easily, potentially making the job quicker, but it might also pose safety risks that require careful handling. Additionally, decks with built-in features like benches, hot tubs, or elaborate railings can complicate the removal process and increase costs.

Accessibility and Location: Easy access to the deck can reduce the cost of removal. If the deck is located in a difficult-to-reach area or requires navigating through tight spaces, the removal process can become more complex and expensive due to additional labor and equipment needs.

Key Takeaways for Junk Removal Costs in Florida:

Volume-Based Pricing: The cost of junk removal services in Florida is determined by the amount of space the junk occupies in the truck, ranging from $115 for a minimum load to $625 for a full load. This approach ensures that customers pay based on the volume, not the type of junk.

Estimation Examples: For a clearer understanding, 200 cubic feet (1/2 Load) could include items like a living room set or a large bedroom set. This helps customers visualize the amount of junk that fits into each load category.

Pricing Transparency: The cost structure is straightforward, focusing on the space used in the truck. This method avoids complications related to item-specific valuation, ensuring a fair and predictable pricing model.

Additional Services: Costs for specialized removal services like hot tubs start at $450, with variations depending on size and accessibility. Shed and deck removal costs vary significantly as they depend on factors like size, material, and location.


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